This is the tale of the city that hits you in the face and has your back at the same time…

Normally I do not write much about the pictures, but this time it feels like that I should. Leaving a place where one had lived for so long is a strange feeling. You are so excited to go and dive into new adventures. At the same time you are in this sentimental stage where everything could burst you into tears because you are painfully aware that this might be the last time you do something here for a long time. You are aware how connected you are to places, people and memories even though they are not particularly significant, at least you thought so.

I had these flashes of memories – or better – memories of feelings that pop into my had and trigger an indescribable happiness. That feeling made me dance at 3am on a Tram Station somewhere in this unbelievable city. Do not get me wrong, living here was not always peachy, but even the bad memories make me happy. The cold and wet winter suck but when the sun appears you suddenly forget everything.

So, let’s be insignificant…


2 thoughts on “Love/Hate

  1. andBerlin says:

    I love your description about how Berlin makes you feel – it’s such a special city!

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