Fashion is propably the most superficial construct in the world. It is a billion and billion worth economy and no matter what – it is present in every aspect of our life and in any social circle or society. It is sad that one purpose of fashion is to express oneself. Maybe?! Really?! Be honest with yourself, fashion is mostly used to create a certain version of a person. The version we want the others to see us as. The perfection we may seek but know we may never reach.

I am no different then anybody else. There are so many versions of me you could say I am a multiple personality. Somehow it is interesting and kinda fun to become different ‘characters’. There are so many different aspects in one person (at least there should be) that it would be a shame to lose any of them. In the end every little piece of you makes who you are. What is easier to use as fashion? And most of all… it is fun!

What can you do when people come up to you and tell you: ‘I luv your colour coordination!’ Exactly… absolutely nothing. You just go with it and start writing about it and swim in the sea of fashionable glorification.