Where do you want to go today? – A question everybody should ask themselves leaving the house.

I was eight years old when the wall fell in Germany and the world changed. At that point not realizing yet what kind of impact this would have on my life. Years later and thousand of kilometers around the world I am grateful for the opportunities I took to discover the world. Inspired by amazing friends and fascinating people motivated to follow the path of curiosity for new and sometimes really, really strange things.

Have you ever met a Hawai’ian cowboy? Did you ever got into a fight with a border control? Where is the end of the world? Can I eat that? Where are we going? Is this the way to paradise? Do Scandinavians only eat fish? Is vodka a Russian citizen? Do I have to learn Singlish now? Where do I go from here? How long does it take to see the whole world?

It took me from a small town to the land of the free back to Berlin to the islands where Pele rules, to the green wilderness of Ireland, to the warm heart of Russia and the very, very hot summers of Usbekistan, to the city of love and further where Italian pasta taste the best, to the bottom of history and back to the tradition of tea time.

And yet… there are still so many places to go and friends to make and visit.