What does is take to start an adventure. Honestly… not much… only a dear friend that decided to go to an ancient country to live and work there for a year.

Now, it is only one more day till that adventure will start. On Saturday I will take off to fly to Tashkent (for those who do not know where that is: it is the capital of Uzbekistan) and only a couple days later we will board a train to go back to Berlin. It will take us about two weeks to arrive in our beloved city of crazy. But till then we will embrace all the things that come our way.

Although, when I think about it. The journey to the point I am now to prepare for this has been quite adventurous as well. Did you know that you can only books train tickets 45 days in advance? And a three day train ride through Kazachstan cost as much going to Munich and back.

I never had to get as much visa as I did for this trip, but it certainly helped to prepare oneself for the countries burocracy. I just cannot say how excited I am. I just wanna go now.


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